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Nikko Brothers 2016 Ford Mustang GT350R stolen

johna posted a discussion 1 month ago
On January 9 Nikko Brothers posted on their Youtube community tab that their 2016 Ford Mustang GT350R was stolen. In a later video they said that they had taken the car to show a prospective...

Tavarish cancels SEMA 2020 supercar project

johna posted a discussion 1 month ago
Tavarish had planned to build a one-off supercar based on a wrecked Superlite SL-C that he had already bought, combined with some body parts from a Lamborghini kit car he had also already obtained...

Youtuber Junkyard Dave suffers major setback when lift fails and destroys car

johna posted a discussion 3 months ago
A popular car rebuilder on Youtuber suffered a major setback on his latest project when the vehicle lift he was using broke and his project car fell to the ground. Junkyard Dave has been working...

A Youtube channel that deserves to be much larger: INITIAL DWEEBS

johna posted a discussion 5 months ago
It always intrigues me how some Youtube channels grow and some don't... Youtube algorithms work in mysterious ways. I came across a channel that has been around for close to a year and has...

A Youtube car restoration channel with a difference

johna posted a discussion 6 months ago
Youtube is full of car restoration videos but I just came across a very unique video from a channel called SOUP . Classic Motoring - www.youtube.com/user/TheeKookTube. The video is a restoration...

New Youtube channel for Aussie car enthusiasts

Motor Traders Network posted a discussion 6 months ago
We recently came across a new Australian Youtube channel that has grown very quickly, obviously meeting the demand for more content on Australian cars. I guess a lot of us are getting a bit bored...
johna posted a reply 10 months ago 1

If you like videos of high speed driving on public roads...

johna posted a discussion 11 months ago
If you like videos of people driving at high speed on public roads then you might like to check out the Anton Koen channel on Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDPicZC2OZKhd4ZhpeS1Mlw)...
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