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Tavarish cancels SEMA 2020 supercar project

johna posted 8 months ago

Tavarish had planned to build a one-off supercar based on a wrecked Superlite SL-C that he had already bought, combined with some body parts from a Lamborghini kit car he had also already obtained.

According to his Instagram, the car was to be a single-seater, twin-turbo exotic 1000hp-capable v8 or v10, manual transmission, and have creature comforts like front lift, rear/front cameras, launch control, active aero, custom LED dash, and different drive modes.

It was all to be done on a budget and ready for showing at SEMA 2020.

But unfortunately, less than three months after the first video on the project, Tavarish has cancelled the build.

He blames the cancellation on a lack of support from Superlite, saying he is not able to get the parts needed for the chassis.

Such a shame as I thought this was one of the most exciting builds on Youtube and the renders looked amazing... But then again, so did B is for Build's Lamborghini renders and that didn't turn out so amazing.


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