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Youtuber Junkyard Dave suffers major setback when lift fails and destroys car

johna posted 10 months ago

A popular car rebuilder on Youtuber suffered a major setback on his latest project when the vehicle lift he was using broke and his project car fell to the ground.

Junkyard Dave has been working on putting a 700 HP Hellcat engine from a Dodge Challenger into Dodge Magnum wagon.

Dave says he was 30 minutes away from the first start of the transplanted engine and first drive when the disaster happened.

He immediately started a live stream on Youtube to share what had just happened with his subscribers and was very shaken and upset, as you would expect when he was almost finished with the project and saw all of his hard work destroyed.

He also considered what could have happened had he been under the car at the time.

The car fell from near the maximum height of the vehicle lift and landed on one of the front wheels causing the chassis to be severely damaged.

The top of the car hit the top of the lift causing damage to the roof, and the lift arms went into the bottom of the car and also damaged one of the rear doors.

Dave was of course filming at the time but his camera fell off the car when it fell and was damaged when the car landed on top of it. Unfortunately, the footage seems to have been lost.

Although many of Dave's fans said he should get the car to a frame machine and try and repair the car, he thought the damage was too great and he was better off finding a new shell and starting again.

During the live stream he said that maybe since he had got the Hellcat that he had experienced a lot of bad luck, and after this incident that maybe he was done with the project altogether.

He has since posted an update video of the project including the incident and seems to be back on board with finding a new shell and finishing the project.

He thinks that the lift's lock skipped a few feet causing the car to fall forward and off the lift. Ironically he said this was probably the last time the car needed to be on the lift.

This is one Youtuber that definitely needs some support right now, so check out his channel and subscribe if you like and want to support him.

In addition to this project, he also has done Mazda rotary, Volvo and domestic (USA) projects, and also a number of auction and flip cars.


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