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What's with all the Chevrolet badges on Holden Commodores?

johna posted 6 years ago

Why are so many Holden owners swapping their Holden badges for Chevrolet badges?

Okay, I realise that since the early 2000's the V8 engine option is a Chevrolet engine, but does that warrant replacing the badge?

Are there a lot of patriotic Americans living here?

I don't remember any VL Commodore owners fitting Nissan badges to their cars. (If you are too young to know, the 6 cylinder engine fitted to the VL series was the RB30E engine sourced from Nissan.)

And when I had a VP Commodore I don't ever remember feeling a desire to replace the Holden badges with a Buick badge. (If you are even younger you may not know that the V6 engine used in the VN to VY Commodore was based on a Buick engine.)

In my opinion the only time that a change of badge is justified is if you own a Holden Apollo or a Toyota Lexcen and want to increase your resale value and appeal. (Still too young? The Apollo was a rebadged Camry and the Lexcen a rebadged VN-VP Commodore in some crazy badge swapping idea that Holden and Toyota entered into.)

The real question is did the number of Holden badges being swapped in favor of a Chevrolet badge have any influence on Holden's decision to end local manufacture? And as a result, will the next Commodore be made by Chevrolet and imported from the USA and, if so, will it wear Holden or Chevrolet badges?

Update - 3 October 2014

The other day I saw a Holden Captiva with a Chevrolet badge. Okay, I know the Captiva is also sold in the USA as the Chevrolet Captiva but this particular car was right hand drive so I'm confident it was originally badged as a Holden. The Captiva might be sold as a Chevrolet but it was developed by Daewoo in Korea and certainly isn't made in Detroit or any other part of the USA.

This is getting ridiculous.

Update - 2019

I saw a Holden Cruze with a Chevrolet badge. Another Daewoo sold as a Chevrolet in the USA. A piece of crap regardless of badge.

I wonder if anyone will put a BMW badge on their new Toyota Supra?

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