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Thunder Races TV Series

johna posted 2 years ago

Thunder Races was a UK TV Series hosted by Adrian Simpson where three teams built a car for a particular challenge over the space of a few days then competed against each other in a race.

Series 1

Made for Discovery in 2002.

S1E1 25ft Jump
Nine contestants have 24 hours to convert their beloved bangers into off-road racers and tackle a five-mile all-terrain course.

S1E2 Crabbers
Three teams have 24 hours to convert beloved bangers into a double-engined hybrid and tackle a five-mile all-terrain course.

S1E3 Massive Tiny
Three teams give their tiny cars powerful engines and try to race the dinky vehicles round a five-mile all-terrain course.

S1E4 Speed
The teams transform old domestic runabouts using Formula One concepts, before testing them on a four-lap circuit.

S1E5 Sixty Degrees
Three teams convert mainstream cars into vehicles capable of tackling a five-mile course at a 60-degree angle.

S1E6 See-Saw
Three teams modify beloved bangers into off-road racers and drive them over see-saws on a challenging five-mile course.

S1E7 Long Stretch
Nine contestants construct 25ft limousines from 25-year-old cars before racing them in reverse.

S1E8 Double Torque
The three teams race against the clock to convert two cars into double-torque monster motors, before putting them to the test.

S1E9 All terrain
Three teams have 48 hours to convert their beloved bangers into off-road racers, and tackle a five-mile all-terrain course.

S1E10 All Winners Final
Adrian Simpson's two favourite teams must make a complete working car out of two motorbikes.

Season 2

Premiered on June 5, 2009.

S2E1 Upside Down Car
Cars are turned over and fitted with additional wheels to compete in a race in the opener of this series.

S2E2 Spider Cars
A car race in which looks are as important as engineering know-how.

S2E3 Reverse Wheelie
Minis are modified to become off-road racers capable of popping wheelies front end first and in reverse.

S2E4 Submersible
Three teams compete to construct submersible off-road vehicles.

S2E5 360 Degree Cars

S2E6 Ball & Socket
The Ball and Socket Challenge has teams chopping cars in half and reconnecting them with articulated ball-and-socket joints.

S2E7 Dune Racer
The teams transform old junkers into topflight racers.

S2E8 White Van Man
Three teams convert ordinary vans into monster trucks.

S2E9 16 Wheeler

S2E10 Amphi Car

Future episodes

I really liked the show's concept. I would love to see a new series. I think it could be improved by using race tracks more suited to the vehicles, as all of the episodes used the a mostly dirt and off-road track which is fine for rally cars but didn't suit all of the challenges.

Some examples of challenges I would like to see are:

* Take a front-wheel-drive front mounted engine and turn it into a real-wheel-drive mid-engined racer, and compete on a paved track.

* A drag racing challenge on a 1/8 or 1/4 mile track.

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