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Built Youtube channel going downhill?

johna posted 11 months ago

I was a latecomer to the Built Youtube channel, only finding it when Caleb was working on the Audi A4 wagon that he eventually gave away to one of his subscribers as part of a competition.

The Audi was an interesting project to follow and ended up looking great although it didn't seem to be very reliable, even breaking down when delivered to the competition winner.

When the next giveaway and project car was introduced - a Datsun pickup - I was really impressed with the plan and looking forward to watching the build progress.

But the first few videos on the Datsun were pretty short and I noticed other people commenting with the same opinion.

Then the channel was hacked and the videos stopped. A second channel was created while Caleb attempted to get his channel and over 100,000 subscribers back, which he eventually managed to do.

In an unfortunate coincidence, on the day he lost his channel, Caleb had quit his job and was intending to do Youtube full time.

Now that the channel is back and Caleb is doing this full time you would expect quicker progress on the project build, and longer and more frequent videos, right?

Well, so far this hasn't happened. We've had a few videos on the Datsun build and then he started on a widebody project on a children's toy car... This is of no interest to me but I may be in the minority as these videos are getting plenty of views - more than some of the Datsun videos!

He's also posted a few random videos on an ant infestation in a car, advice on starting a Youtube channel, and some old videos about his earlier project widebody MR2.

I'm still subscribed but hoping the channel gets back to building real cars.

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